The would-be robber smashed his way through a cashier's glass screen - but then found his escape route blocked.

Bungling Bank Robber Trapped By Passers-By

A would-be bank robber has been trapped at the scene of his crime after members of the public banded together to stop him from escaping.

CCTV video recorded the man walking into Langfang City’s Wen’an  Rural Commercial Bank in northern China and smashing the bank teller’s glass window with a sledgehammer before climbing through.

He is then caught on security cameras pacing through the staff area looking for money.

Then he climbs through

The bank robber makes his way through the glass

But while he does, staff and members of the public who have become aware of the commotion start to gather in the bank’s atrium – cutting off the robber’s escape route.

Bank worker Li Dehua said: “We heard somebody smashing the window when we were working, and my first feeling was that it was a robbery.

He paces through the bank

He looks for money

“So I called the police as soon as possible and locked more than 500,000 yuan cash into the safety box.

“Then I went to take shelter in washroom with a female colleague.” 

They gather in the bank's atrium to prevent the robber from escaping

Meanwhile, the crowd gathers

The crowd grew and people power kept the robber trapped behind the counter until police arrived.

According to police, the 22-year-old suspect, who has the surname Yu, was taken into custody.

The suspect is questioned

Thanks to the public, a suspect is arrested

Investigations are continuing.

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