A would-be robber used explosives in an attempt to rob a cashpoint - but his plan did not work out as intended.

CCTV: Attempt To Blow Up Cashpoint Backfires

Police are hunting a man who was caught on CCTV trying to rob a cashpoint using explosives.

The footage was released by officers in the Australian city of Darwin as they appealed for the public’s help in trying to trace the would-be thief.

The man, wearing a shirt over his face as a disguise, was pictured using a match to light the explosives, which he had attached to the cash machine.

There was then a large explosion and the man was knocked off his feet.

He then tore off the shirt before fleeing the scene in the northern suburb of Winnellie.

Police said the man’s behaviour was extremely dangerous and believed he was lucky that he did not suffer serious injuries.

The ATM was badly damaged in the raid with parts scattered on the ground.

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