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The Biofuel Autoclave: A Low Cost, Non-electric Solution to Infectious Medical Waste

The Biofuel Autoclave pairs a gasketless non-electric autoclave with a highly efficient, low cost cookstove that can be powered by a variety of biofuels. This creates an autoclave that operates independent of the electric grid, lowering the primary barrier to autoclaving being a viable solution everywhere. It is an attractive solution to infectious waste management in rural areas and in disaster situations, when electric autoclaves may not be appropriate.

In May 2014, a joint effort between HCWH, HECAF, UC Berkeley, and InStove was employed to test the Biofuel Autoclave in Kathmandu, Nepal. Testing was performed not only to validate the autoclave but also evaluate which locally available biofuels were suitable for sterilization cycles.

Procedures for validating the efficacy of disinfection were based on challenge testing procedures developed by the GEF-supported UNDP-implemented Global Health Care Waste Project ( Pressure pulsing, a technique of repeatedly building up and releasing steam pressure, was used to flush air from the waste and ensure effective disinfection.

The tests proved that the Biofuel Autoclave is versatile, as intended. It was able to reach sterilization conditions when powered by a variety of fuel sources including wood, biomass briquettes, and biogas. This flexibility of the Biofuel Autoclave makes it a sustainable solution for healthcare facilities in all parts of the world that are handicapped by lack of access to power.

November 6, 2014Global

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Registration is Now Open! Climate and Health Summit 2014

Invitation to attend the Climate and Health Summit 2014

December 6th 2014  |  Swissotel, Lima, Peru

The Global Climate and Health Alliance, of which HCWH is a founding member, invites you to the 2014 Climate and Health Summit.

The Summit will take place alongside COP-20 in central Lima this December. It will be an occasion to showcase success stories, and coordinate action across all sectors to protect human health from the impacts of climate change. There will be a line-up of highly engaging speakers, including experts from the World Bank, World Health Organization, and local public health groups at the front line of climate program implementation. The Summit will highlight that addressing climate change presents an opportunity to invest in a cleaner, healthier, more equitable world.

Register now! Attendance is free, but spaces are limited. More information is available at the Climate and Health Summit 2014 website.


October 31, 2014Global

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Australia | Greening the Healthcare Sector Think Tank


The Greening the Healthcare Sector Think Tank, hosted annually by HCWH's Strategic Partner, the Climate and Health AllianceGlobal Green and Healthy Hospitals' Founding Member, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, and Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, was held on Tuesday 14 October, at Mater Hospital in South Brisbane (Australia).

The think tank provided an opportunity for those working in the health sector to hear firsthand case studies of change, talk to experts, hear about opportunities for collaboration, and contribute to a discussion about how to work together to accelerate progress within the health sector towards sustainable healthcare and hospital practices.

This event also counted with a presentation from Nick Thorp, Global Community Manager of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network to learn about GGHH Connect, an innovative platform that is enabling health and sustainability professionals to connect with one another around the world.


Source and documents obtained from: Australlian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA)

Storify - Review the Twitter discussion

October 14, 2014Global

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Diabetes Health: Diabetes and the Thyroid Gland Crossword Puzzle Solution #22

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