Dodger Stadium Captured Its First Same-Sex Couple on Kiss Cam—Watch the Cuteness

Home run for love!

Every once in a while, something happens that makes you feel really, really good about humanity. This is one of those things. During the Los Angeles Dodgers game on Saturday, a same-sex couple locked lips on the kiss cam, and the crowd roared excitedly in response.

About halfway through the Kiss Cam segment, the camera settled on two men in Dodgers gear who shared a kiss and gave a thumbs-up, prompting the crowd to cheer—louder than they did for any other Kiss Cam subjects.

Joven Calloway, who posted the kiss on YouTube, says this was the first same-sex kiss on the Dodger Stadium’s Jumbotron. (However, that hasn’t been confirmed.)

The men were later IDed by The Advocate as Steven Simone-Friedland and his husband, Rick. The couple, who have been together for 20 years, immediately said “yes” when a cameraman asked them in advance if they would be on the Kiss Cam but got nervous moments before it happened.

"I turned to Rick, and I said, 'You know, this could go badly. This could not go well,'" Steven told The Advocate. "But then we did it because we thought it would be just so fun to do, and then we heard the crowd—and that was really unexpected, and beautiful, and affirming."

Steven says one of the best parts of the experience was what happened after the initial crowd reaction—nothing. “Nobody even flinched,” he told The Advocate. “And that is just telling. We were just simply Dodger fans."

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While this kiss might have been a first for Dodger Stadium, it’s not for Major League Baseball. The San Francisco Giants featured two men smooching on their Kiss Cam back in 2011 during LGBT Night.

The Dodgers won Saturday's game 6-4—no word on whether the history-making kiss played a role in that victory.


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These Weight-Loss Transformation Photos Are Like None You’ve Ever Seen Before

One word: whoa

You've seen before-and-after photos before (probably on this site!). But this series from photographer Blake Morrow that features his friend (and fellow photographer) Beth Beard take the idea to a much more creative place: In each of the below pictures, Beth posed once pre-gastric bypass surgery and then again two years later, after she'd lost more than 150 pounds.

Beth approached Blake about shooting some photos, and Blake came up with the idea to make them pop culture-inspired. And although gastric bypass surgery helped Beth kickstart her weight loss, she told Yahoo Canada she's also overhauled her lifestyle to get healthier. "Beth is now a regular biker to work and is also in a roller derby team now," Blake wrote in an e-mail to "Just goes to show that exercise doesn’t have to be boring."

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While Blake obviously used digital technology to create this series, which he's calling "The Beth Project," he is careful to point out that he never altered Beth's body. "I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t lost who I am," Beth told Yahoo Canada. "It’s just given me more opportunities to be more me, if that makes sense. There were things I’d always wanted to do and try but my weight had gotten in my way. Now, I feel like I have the freedom to pursue them more."

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“The Beth Project” is on display at the Vistek Toronto Gallery this month as part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, the world’s largest photography event.


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Kylie Jenner Officially Puts the Rumors to Rest: “I Have Temporary Lip Fillers”

The teen admits to plumping in a sneak peek of <em>Keeping Up With the Kardashians.</em>

Over the past few months, Kylie Jenner’s lips have been a source of great controversy, specifically whether or not she filled them with injectables. Many people said they had to be fake (surely they couldn’t have doubled in size overnight!), while others believed it was just a matter of strategic makeup placement. And then there were the tweens who tried to imitate her look using shot glasses—and promptly got sent to the emergency room. That was fun. *sarcasm*

Well, finally the world has its answer, straight from the horse’s mouth.

“I have temporary lip fillers; it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do,” Kylie tells the camera in the KUWTK sneak peek below—right before she dodges a reporter’s question about how she gets her “beautiful lips.”

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In a second clip, Kylie’s big sis Khloe expresses concern that Kylie’s determined to keep her lips sealed about her fillers.

“Kylie decided to plump her lips, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” Khloe says to the camera in the video below. “I think if you’ve done something, though, it is right to cop up to it. If you avoid a question, you’re gonna look like a liar.” Which is exactly what happened, but in all fairness, Kylie is a teenager living her life under a microscope, so it’s understandable that she’d want to keep her insecurity to herself. Kudos to her for having the strength to eventually tell the truth to the millions of people who watch her show.  


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Are Your Masturbation Habits Normal?

We polled more than 2,500 women to find out.

It can be hard to know how your masturbation habits stack up against other women's since, by definition, it's something you do solo. And most ladies aren't chatting about it over brunch, either: 58 percent of women say they'd be uncomfortable bringing up masturbation with their friends or that they just wouldn't do it—ever. So we surveyed more than 2,500 readers to find out how most of you are getting off when you're on your own:

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Surprised by any of the stats? You're not alone. Watch what happened when we asked men about women's masturbation habits (and vice-versa):

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Hopefully all of this goes to show that everyone does it (okay, 93 percent of the people we surveyed) and masturbation is something to enjoy—not anything you need to feel squeamish about. 


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This Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant—BOTH TIMES

The worst kind of déjà vu

As ridiculously unlikely as it seems, it is possible to go nine months without knowing you’re pregnant. (We even asked a doc for confirmation that this can happen when a woman recently made headlines for giving birth after not knowing she was with child.) Even so, our jaw drops every time we watch the reality show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant or hear a story like this in the news.

Now, TLC is taking this premise even further in a special called I Still Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, airing tonight at 9 p.m. In the episode, titled “This Can’t Be Happening Again,” a woman named Tawanda leaves a cookout in severe pain, only to figure out she’s in labor. The same thing happened to her 13 years previously. Oh, and there's another woman featured in the epsiode who had two kids in the span of a year without realizing she was knocked up either time. What the...

People posted an exclusive clip from the episode—and really, you need to watch this:

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Holy crap. Well, we know what we’re watching on TV tonight.  


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How to Make Your Comfy-Casual Jean Jacket Look Fancy

For when the last thing you want to do is throw on a blazer

Jean jackets have been rocking my world since the '90s, when all of my fashion choices centered on what to wear with neon pink leggings. And while I’ve ditched the leggings for skinny jeans, my trusty denim jacket has remained a closet staple through the years.

Even though the jean jacket has a rep for being casual, it’s a versatile piece that can be worn on fancier occasions, too. Here are a few ways to dress yours up—no hot glue or rhinestones required!

Maya McDonald

Swap It in for a Cardigan
In this awkward in-between weather (Is it spring? Is it summer? Does anyone really know?), I never leave home without an extra layer in tow. Jean jackets are actually perfect with a little white dress or even a super comfy shift dress. Not only will you look comfy-chic, you’ll also stay warm no matter the weather—talk about the ultimate win-win!

Maya McDonald
Maya McDonald

Think Bold
While I like the look of denim with other basic staples, sometimes it takes an unexpected statement piece to really glam your jacket up. I love the juxtaposition of a neon pink dress with a classic jacket to keeps things fun and dressy. Neon’s not your style? Try a sequined top, satin dress, or a fun patterned floral for another dressed-up look.

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Maya McDonald

Skirt the Rules
…And by rules, I mean the one that says work wear, like a pencil skirt, needs to be worn with other work wear. I love pairing a slim pencil skirt with a funky graphic tee and jacket to go from office chic to after-work drinks. Feeling extra daring? Wear a jean jacket with a flowy maxi or midi skirt to turn your dressed-up look up a notch.

Maya McDonald

A few of your favorite luxe pieces can elevate your denim jacket from a tad humdrum to extra swoon-worthy—I’ve always said that the perfect glam handbag goes with everything, even a classic jean jacket. A sparkly necklace work in a jiff, too!

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Maya McDonald

Moral of the story: Don’t pigeonhole your favorite jean jacket into just being a casual topper! With the right pieces, you can easily elevate a denim jacket to work for any occasion this season.

Maya McDonald is a stylish social media pro living out her dreams in Chicago. When she’s not creating content for brands, she can be found penning Charmingly Styled and writing for a variety of magazines. She adores all-natural beauty, farmers' markets, and traveling the world for the best latte (she’ll let you know when she finds it!).


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The Contestants on This New Game Show Must Be in Labor—IS THAT EVEN SAFE?

An ob-gyn weighs in.

Remember how floored people were at the idea of having two Bachelorettes this season? This is so much crazier. TLC has a new show premiering tonight called Labor Games, where expectant couples answer trivia questions about babies and child-rearing. Questions include things like, “According to, how long should your child’s ‘timeouts’ last?” There’s also a participatory element where a father-to-be must identify baby foods by taste.

Participants can win a bevy of baby stuff or even a $10,000 college fund for their impending bundle of joy. Oh, and just to be clear: the woman is in labor at the time—you know, minor detail. Lest we forget how crazy that is, the show keeps us updated on the strength of the woman’s contractions as she answers questions with her partner.

Here’s a clip from the show:

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Of course, the whole “appearing on a trivia show while you’re in labor” thing sounds a little iffy since, you know, someone is trying to push out a human being at the same time. But the moms featured in snippets released from the show seemed totally cool with it and surprisingly relaxed.

According to board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist Pari Ghodsi, M.D., the whole thing actually seems pretty safe. The woman is in bed in the delivery room, she’s still being monitored, and nothing strenuous is demanded of her, says Ghodsi. It’s basically the same as chatting with a family member in the room or watching TV.

Ghodsi says being on the show could actually be a distraction from the pain for women, but if they have had epidurals, they may not be uncomfortable at all.

But there are flashing lights that go off when a family answers a question correctly—could that be an issue? Probably not, says Ghodsi.

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However, she says it’s important for a woman to check with her doctor before signing up for something like this. If a woman has any pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, the excitement and stress of waiting to see if she gets the right answer could make things worse.

So if you get the urge to participate in a game show while you’re in labor, go for it. Just get the thumbs up from your doctor first.

A sneak peek of Labor Games will premiere on TLC tonight at 10 p.m.

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What It’s Like to Be a Military Wife

"Hard" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Ask any military wife what it’s like to be married to a member of the armed forces and you’ll hear the same word: “tough.”

Taya Kyle, wife of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, is no exception. She’s detailing her experience in her new memoir, American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal.

Chris Kyle, credited as the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history, published a memoir in 2012 that was turned into the Academy Award-winning movie American Sniper. Chris was murdered in 2013 by a troubled Marine Corps veteran.

Taya’s book details her memories of life as a military wife, as well as how she struggled to cope after her husband’s death. She tells the Dallas Morning News that she sees the book as a tribute to all wives and mothers who have had to keep their families together in trying times.

There are about 84,000 military couples in the U.S. who have had to cope with deployment, frequent moves, and the constant struggle of being a military spouse. We asked Women’s Health readers to share their stories:

“I'VE BEEN A MILITARY WIFE for eight years now. My husband has been deployed several times during our marriage. It can be tough, but we just view it as a way of life. We are lucky that we get to communicate frequently. We can send each other messages throughout the day, and we get to video chat once or twice a week. It's hard knowing that he can be in danger, but I try to stay away from the news, and I don't think about the potential threats he may face. It can be hard to adjust to him coming home. I think it's harder on me than him because I'm so used to taking care of everything by myself that it's hard to give up some of the household duties for him to do.” —Beth D.



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"YOU TALK TO THEM WHEN YOU CAN and keep living your life because you now have to play the solo role of wife, husband, mother, father, plumber, mechanic, financial planner, etc. You learn to thrive as an independent woman, but when they come home it is hard to allow your S.O. to help around the house again since you are so used to doing it all yourself. My husband literally begs me to give him chores so he can help. You count down the days until they come home, browse news articles to make sure there are no potential threats they might be sent into, and visit family as much as you can. We don't have children yet, but many of my friends have given birth this last deployment, alone. They raise their kids on their own and have to remain strong. Kids always ask when their mommy or daddy is coming home, and they don't understand what deployment is. You deal with the criticism of what people outside of the military life stereotype you as, thanks to shows like Desperate Housewives and Army Wives. You get a two-minute phone call if you are lucky—which is never enough—but always manage to tell them you love them. You can't ask how their day was or where they are because they can't tell you. You have to have trust in each other. You are constantly wondering if they are safe, if they slept, if they are carrying out a mission, if they are relaxing, if they miss you, have they changed, etc. Homecoming is great, but the pictures of the families reuniting end at the pier or the airport…it doesn't show the changes that happen at home—how the family pet reacts to them returning, babies born while they were away, and their daddy meeting them for the first time just shy of their first birthday. You wonder if the first time you have sex again will be passionate or weird and strange. Your relationship feels brand-new again, and you have to ‘date’ again to get to know each other again, physically and emotionally. Military life is great but not for the weak. There are many happy times and just as many sad. For all the goodbyes you say, you get to look forward to the best hellos. Nothing compares to it unless you live the life yourself.” —Becky G.

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“BOTH MY HUSBAND AND I WERE were active duty Marine Corps. It was hard, but just like anything else, you get used to spending time away from each other. We spent a lot of time away from each other. And there is a lot more understanding between each other. But you do get a different understanding of just how dangerous their job may be at times. For us, the roles were a bit switched, as I was the one who deployed to Afghanistan and left the wire. Each experience is different, though.” —Jess G.



"MY HUSBAND IS IN THE AIR FORCE, and just one month after our wedding, he was deployed to Kuwait. Our only communication for almost five months was through e-mail, with one short phone call every evening. Halfway through his deployment, he called and informed me that he was going somewhere for a week and that he couldn't tell me where but he would call me in seven days when he returned. At this point, he had already sent me pictures of the tent that was his living quarters. It was full of cots, each of which had a gun under it on the floor. Seven days passed, and I had not heard from him. I didn't know where he was or what kind of danger he was in; this was during operation Iraqi freedom. On the 9th day, my phone rang, and when I heard his voice on the other end, I couldn't control my relief. The tears started flowing. Later, I found out he had gone over into Iraq to a heavily guarded base. Since then, my husband has deployed an additional three times in our nine years of marriage. ... The military life is full of ups and downs. Just when you think you are settled, they tell you to move. When you want to move, you can't seem to find a base with an open position. One day, everything in life is perfect, then your husband calls with the news that he will be leaving you behind once more for months on-end. But I wouldn't trade any of it! My husband is an incredible man, and he proudly wears his uniform. He serves his country with pride and leads his airman by example. We couldn't be more proud of him.” —Kelly E.

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"GOING INTO MY RELATIONSHIP with my husband, who's a Marine, I didn't fully understand how dangerous being a Marine is. And then I heard how two men died just doing a training exercise! I worry endlessly, especially when he is deployed. But I always support him. I can go weeks without hearing from him while he is gone, and I can't even tell him about things going on at home because I never want to stress him. Everyone always says, ‘Well, you chose this life.’ And that's the most annoying thing to hear because I chose my husband, not this life. I just deal with it. It's so hard to handle being a military wife and a woman willing to be one isn't just brave, she is strong and loves her man enough to go through the stress and worry, just for the times he is finally home.” —Jennifer P.

Being “married to the military” clearly isn’t easy, but countless women say they wouldn’t have it any other way.


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This Former Sorority Sister Is Being Sued for Spilling Sacred Secrets

What happens in chapter meeting stays in chapter meeting—until it doesn't.

If you joined a sorority in college, you know that keeping your handshake, knock, and other secret ritual info on the downlow is as important as deleting all those questionable pictures from spring break. But one former member of Phi Sigma Sigma is in a bit of a situation after exposing those "sacred" details about her sorority, according to

Though the woman who leaked all the juicy, top-secret info isn't named in the lawsuit—which was filed in Seattle— reports that the rituals were shared on the comic website Penny Arcade.

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Back in 2011, someone on the site with the username "stepcloser" shared a very detailed explanation of the sorority's handshake, how meetings work, the oath, what the robe colors symbolize, and other information that had not been "written down or recorded until now," says the comment poster.

Today, whoever shared those details is being asked by the sorority's lawyers to stop disclosing the confidential information and to pay up for the damages she caused the organization. Yikes.

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Whether your used your secret knock on the regular and shared your sorority handshake with non-sorority friends or kept your sisterly lips tightly sealed always, this lawsuit will definitely make you think twice before divulging any sorority-tastic details in the future.


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The Best and Worst Cities for a New Baby’s Health

A new report details where the infant mortality rate is the lowest—and highest.

You probably think that the U.S. is tops when it comes to health care. After all, we have some of the best hospitals—and doctors—in the world. But according to a new report, that may not actually be the case—especially when it comes to the health and wellbeing of moms and babies.

In its 16th annual State of the World’s Mothers report, Save the Children ranked the best and worst countries to be a mom, while also focusing on highlighting the health-care disparities between the rich and the poor.

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One of the things that the nonprofit organization specifically looked at was the infant mortality rate across the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. They found that Las Vegas had the lowest rate, with 2.4 deaths per 1,000 live births. San Jose, Seattle, San Diego, and Tucson also had very low infant mortality rates.

Baltimore, Detroit, and Cleveland, meanwhile, had the highest rates, with Cleveland coming in dead last with 14.1 deaths per 1,000 live births. Plus, Save the Children also found that Washington D.C. had the highest infant mortality rate out of 25 wealthy capital cities they analyzed across the world. Not such good news, is it?

Globally, the U.S. sadly didn’t even crack list of top 10 countries in Save the Children’s Mothers’ Index Rankings. Instead, it came in just 33rd place out of 179 countries featured in the report. What’s more, the organization said that America actually has the highest maternal death rate (meaning pregnancy-related death) of any developed country in the world, with 1 in 1,800. Whoa.

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So which countries did top the list? Norway, Finland, and Iceland came in first, second, and third, thanks to high scores for mothers’ and children’s health, educational, economic, and political status. (Hmmm…Is there any way we can book a one-way ticket to one of these places, pronto?) On the flip side, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia were at the very bottom, due to the high instance of maternal death and child mortality rates (specifically for children under 5).

The takeaway? No matter where you live, it’s super important to take care of yourself and visit your doc regularly, especially when you’re pregnant. It could truly save your—and your new baby’s—life.


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