The Most Bizarre Sex-Related Google Searches Ever

Are any of these in your browser history?

Ah, Google—the place you go with all of your questions, reasonable and ridiculous, mundane and embarrassing. We’re guessing that you wouldn’t want anyone to unearth your sex-related searches, but if you’re curious what other people are Googling, new research published in The New York Times looked at just that. Some of the common searches probably won’t surprise you, but others…well, we’ll let you see for yourself. Here are a few of the most fascinating findings: 

1. When It Comes To Marriage Complaints, Sex Trumps All 
With 21,090 average monthly searches, “sexless marriage” takes the gold for top marriage concern—in comparison to 6,029 monthly searches for “unhappy marriage,” the second most common, and 2,650 for “loveless marriage.” 

2. Men and Women Are Equally Worried About Their Junk 
When it comes to genitalia-related searches, women Google nearly as many questions about their vaginas as men do about their penises—and that concern far outweighs the concern they have for their partner’s bits. In fact, for every search a woman makes about her man’s penis, he makes 170 on his own and vice versa. 

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3. Men Are Obsessed With Size
Of the top 10 questions men Google about their penises, nine of them are about size, from “How to make my penis bigger?” to “Why is my penis so small?” Interestingly, one of the most commonly searched size-related questions is, “How big is my penis?”—because apparently, Google knows better than a ruler. 

4. Women Are Hung Up On Smell
Meanwhile, women are most concerned about smell below the belt—particularly whether their vaginas small like rotten fish, followed by vinegar, onions, ammonia, garlic, cheese, body odor, urine, bread, bleach, feces, sweat, metal, feet, garbage, and rotten meat. Guys, too, search about vaginal odor, most often how to tell their partners about it without being mean and occasionally, how to detect “the smell of cheating” down there. Yeah, we don’t get it either. 

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5. Guys Love Their Girlfriends’ Breasts
Yep, when it comes to Googling about their partner’s boobs, the most common search by dudes is, “I love my girlfriend’s boobs.” We’re not quite sure what guys are expecting to find there, but we’re glad to hear it! 

6. Men Are Divided About Breast Implants
When they’re Googling about their partners and boob jobs, turns out men are “evenly split between asking how to persuade her to get implants and perplexity as to why she wants them.” Ugh…but yay? 

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The 9 Most Annoying People at Whole Foods

Can a woman just purchase her kale in peace?

Grocery shopping is never easy. Most of the time you go in knowing there are going to be long lines and crowded aisles waiting for you. And then you have those people who just make the food shopping experience so much worse. You know who they are. As a public service announcement and a show of support to all those who encounter these infuriating humans every single week, we're calling out the eye roll-inducing folks who make stocking your fridge way harder than it needs to be. 

1. The Free Sample Guy Who Won’t Take No for an Answer
You averted eye contact, pretended to be talking on your phone, and he still got you. You win again, sample man. You win again. 

2. The Person in the 10-Items-or-Less Line Who Definitely Has at Least 15 Things
You see her. She is an adult woman who probably knows how to count. What is she doing in the express line? At least you'll rest easy knowing she's got some seriously bad grocery karma headed her way.


3. The Aisle Blocker Who Completely Ignores You
Hello?  Hi? Um, excuse me? You might as well give up and go around the other aisle because this dude is. Not. Moving. 


4. The Produce Inspector Who Sniffs, Squeezes, and Examines Every Fruit and Veggie
You get it—it’s important to be picky about the produce you put in your cart and your body. But this lady takes it to a whole new level. We hate to break it to you, veggie sniffer, but you're probably not going to find a flawless tomato. Sorry for the bad news. 

5. The Free Sample Hog
Yep, she took the last three samples. One for her, and two for her "friends." Funny—you don't see those friends anywhere.


6. The Person Who Leaves Their Cart as a Placeholder In Line
She jumps in line and then remembers she forgot oatmeal and goes to get it. She comes back, only to remember she needs to get bread. Oh wait, she also forgot eggs—time for trip three. Meanwhile, you're expected to push her cart along while she plays a game of grocery scavenger hunt. Not cool. 

7. The Obnoxiously Loud Person on His Phone
While you love you some good gossip, you don't really want to hear about this dude's legal problems. Apparently he never learned how to use his inside voice.


8. The Unsolicited Advice Giver
While you appreciate the tips on how to select the perfect onion, you're not sure this woman is such an expert. You also didn't really need the critique on the items in your bag. You know your cheese is not low-fat, and you like it that way. 

9. The Sobbing Small Person Who Will Not Let Those Organic Aged Cheese Crackers Go
Shopping to the soundtrack of "pleasemompleasemompleeeeeease" is beyond annoying. You're thinking seriously about just buying them for the kid to make it stop. 

And still find yourself coming back to the same store—your store—week after week. You can't get 365 Everyday Value everywhere, people!

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What It Means If Your Partner Masturbates a Lot

And just how often is "a lot"?

No two libidos can be synced up 100 percent of the time. But apparently, when horny, some guys don’t wait until you're in the shower…or in a different room.

Some will beat their meat while you’re lying right next to them—asleep or not.

“Sleeping Beat-y,” who recently wrote in to’s “Dear Prudence” column for advice, learned that the hard way. She says that, while she and her boyfriend of two years are typically on the same page sexually, lately, he’s been more randy than usual. And she’s been stressed with some issues, which has caused her libido to run relatively dry. That’s when she rolled over during the middle of the night—and found him enjoying a sex session for one.

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“I told him I found it gross, and he said that most other people would just join in! Am I wrong for thinking this crosses some sort of politeness barrier?” she asked “Prudence” (a.k.a. Emily Yoffe). “I feel icked out and don’t know what to do.”

Yoffe’s opinion: The woman shouldn’t care. In fact, she should find it flattering. “Your boyfriend was aroused by the nearness of you, and because you’ve made clear you’re not available sexually at the moment, he decided to take care of himself. He was being both flattering and polite.”

No disrespect to Yoffe, but she’s a journalist, not a licensed sex and relationship expert—so we wanted to run the conundrum by someone who is.

The verdict: Masturbation is completely normal and healthy. But in bed next to you? It’s not flattering—it’s narcissistic, says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D., a Manhattan-based family and addictions therapist. "Narcissists are only concerned with their own gratification," he says. "They are completely oblivious to the needs and even presence of the people around them.” Like you, lying next to him, trying to sleep.

Yes, “Sleeping Beat-y,” you’re right. Your guy did cross a line. And while Hokemeyer says you probably don’t need to make a big deal about it if this just happens once (after all, with all the blood in his penis, he probably wasn’t thinking straight), you two should talk if he makes a habit of it.

Approach his bedtime habits in a non-shaming, playful way: “Something to the effect of, ‘I couldn’t help notice you were having some fun in bed last night without me,’” says Hokemeyer. It’s an easy way segue into a chat about both the location and frequency of his masturbation sessions.

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Keep in mind that just because he masturbates more than you do, it doesn’t mean he has a problem. According to Indiana University's National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, 20.1 percent of men ages 25 to 29 get it on with themselves more than four time per week (compared to only five percent of their female counterparts).

“Even once a day can be quite typical for men who are in their twenties or thirties and are in their prime sexually,” says Hokemeyer. Now, if you find out he’s masturbating several times a day—or there are deeper intimacy issues going on—then you would both benefit from seeing a relationship or sex therapist.

"In general, masturbation is a perfectly normal part of our human sexuality," he says. "It enables us to be connected to our bodies in affirming and healthy ways. A good thing, however, can go too far."

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3 Self-Massages That Will Ease Your Pregnancy Aches and Pains

All you need is a bottle of lotion.

Building a human being can really take a toll on your body. But if you've got 10 fingers and 10 minutes, you can alleviate some of that pregnancy pain.

"Pregnancy is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging," says Katrina Baker, licensed massage therapist and co-owner of Be Well Boston. "Massage can help to relieve your aching muscles and joints, calm your nervous system, and allow you to relax, even if just for a few minutes."

With the right massage moves, you can up your serotonin and dopamine levels and improve your sleep schedule, too, says Baker. So what are you waiting for? Grab some lotion—something with shea butter or coconut oil works best on sensitive pregnancy skin—and get to work on working out your muscles and stress.

Belly Massage
"Not only are you moisturizing skin that is stretching," says Baker, "but you're also connecting with your baby." While you can touch your tummy from day one, it's especially fun starting in your second trimester—about 20 weeks in—when you can feel your baby move around as you rub.

Sit on your couch or bed with your back rested against a few pillows so you're at a 45-degree angle, and stroke up your stomach toward your heart. Reapply lotion or oil to your hands as needed. "Your expanding belly tends to get quite itchy," says Baker, "so this is nice and soothing in many ways." 

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Head Massage
"A new mama-to-be often feels overwhelmed and anxious, so using some calming lavender or peppermint oil to massage the temples and forehead can feel divine," says Baker.

Add a few scented drops to your favorite body lotion, then "rub your temples in a gentle, circular motion," says Baker. "Trace along your eyebrows, then go back out to the temples." If you find you have trouble sleeping, this makes for an excellent pre-bedtime ritual.

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Back Massage
Snag a foam roller (or two!) from any athletics store, or grab that tennis ball hanging out in your garage. Place it on the floor or on top of your mattress, then rest your weight on top of it, rolling from side-to-side until you've worked out the areas of your back causing you pain.

Bonus points? Prop your feet up on a nearby wall so that  you "keep your legs at or above heart level," says Bakers. "That way, you promote good blood flow to the baby."


A photo posted by Maddy Wells (@lilxmadz) on

While you may be tempted to take your new massage skills full-body, there are a few places you should avoid rubbing while pregnant: "Never apply deep pressure to the inner legs ankles or the space between the thumb and pointer finger," warns Baker. These points, when under pressure, can induce labor or bleeding.

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The Maximum Number of Hours You Should Wear Heels Each Day

Here's when to reach for those flats.

New research shows that the more you wear heels, the higher your chances of developing knee osteoarthritis. It's not exactly shocking that heels aren't great for you. But it begs the question: Exactly how many hours can you get away with wearing pumps before the damage kicks in? Podiatrist L. Kelsey Armstrong breaks it down for us.

"Heels are bad for your feet because they place your feet in unnatural positions," he says. The stress you place on the ball of your feet can lead to calluses, fractures, hammertoes, bunions, neuroma, and, we now know, knee osteoarthritis.

To lower your risk of any of these conditions, you should decrease the number of hours you log in heels. "The amount of time depends on the type of shoe and the type of activity your doing with them," says Armstrong. Here's your go-to heel guide:

A low heel (1.5 inches or shorter): "Use this heel for shopping trips or parties where you'll be standing for longer periods," says Armstrong—but cap their wear at four hours a day max.

A medium heel (1.5 to 3 inches): "These are the shoes you should only wear for show, at weddings, for a dinner date, and so on," says Armstrong. You're probably okay for up to three hours in these heels, but don't push it beyond that.

A high heel (3.5 inches or taller): It's best to avoid these altogether, but if you must for fashion's sake, stand in them for no longer than an hour at a time. "If the shoe is more supportive—it has a closed toe, or it's a wedge—you may be able to wear them longer than these guidelines," says Armstrong.

And because, let's be honest, you're not going to toss your pumps altogether, there is one other thing you can do to prevent issues down the heel-paved road: After you wear heels, "roll a golf ball on the bottom of your feet," says Armstrong. "This promotes movement and strengthens the small muscles of your feet—two things that don't happen when you're wearing heels."

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The Surprising Ways Guys Get Ready for a Date, According to a Dude

Is the opposite sex's pre-dinner to-do list anything like yours?

Hair done, nails done, everything did. This is what the average guy assumes is on your pre-date checklist. Guess what? While you may assume we just take a quick shower, slap on some deodorant, and put on the closest clean clothes that aren't too wrinkled from being thrown in the "probably clean" laundry bin, many of the items above are on our to-do list, too...along with some other surprising activities.

1. Eat Right
I love spicy foods, but they give me gas. So unless I really just don't like this woman, I'm going to steer clear of the Thai curry leftovers until the day after the big date. I also don't want my breath to smell like a hobbit's foot, so the garlic pasta is off the menu that night.

2. Get Pumped
A pre-date gym visit helps boost our self-image, and a good self-image leads to confidence. Confidence goes hand in hand with comfort, and comfort leads to a good date. We might not (slash definitely don't) have Chris Hemsworth’s biceps or McConaughey’s pecs, but we like to pretend we do when we're doing our pre-date gym thing. We’re coming for you, Thor!

3. Hair Done, Nails Done, Everything Did
I told you. After a nice shower (or bath if your man is feeling especially fabulous that day) we spend five minutes fixing our hair, five minutes cutting our nails, five minutes manscaping (unless your guy is Hungarian...then maybe more). All of this is followed by a solid 20 minutes of staring into the mirror to figure out which "look" is most seductive. This is the look we will use during dinner to...woo you.

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4. Plan Our Wardrobe
No, we don't blindly grab pants out of drawers and shirts off of hangers. We really try. We don't always succeed, but dammit we put in some effort to channel our inner David Beckham. Even if we look like a mall mannequin from Macy's, please try and find one part of the outfit you like and let us know so we don't feel like we did it all in vain.

5. Empty The Chamber
There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up at the gun range with a loaded gun, getting a little trigger-happy too quickly, and accidentally shooting yourself. You catch my drift? It's emasculating, and people are probably going to tell their friends about it. Maybe he hadn't been to the range in a while, he forgot how to handle your firearm properly, and it just went off. Maybe it's a new range that he's never been to before, and it's so shockingly beautiful that before he knows it, he's firing a few rounds into the air when you walk out of the bathroom. Do you get what I'm saying? It's masturbation. Emptying the chamber. I know you don't want to think about it, but it's true. It eases stress and takes his mind off of his physical desires for a while, which in turn helps him to actually connect with you on an intellectual level. It also keeps him from "firing his gun" too early if you go home with each other at the end of the night. Speaking of which...

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6. Prepare For The Return
As we venture out on this date, there is always the thought, the hope, the desire that it will end back at our place. We must make sure everything is in order in case this happens. Do we have a bottle of wine available? Is the place (relatively) clean? Is there a scented candle so we can cover the smell of the leftover Thai curry and garlic pasta in the fridge? Only then are we ready.

Now, I can't give away all of our pre-date preparations (the intricacies of flossing, choosing cologne, finding a sacrificial lamb, etc. would bore you, I'm sure). But I hope this glimpse into our pre-date world was informative. If you ladies are willing to spend who knows how long getting ready in an attempt to feel your best and impress us, then it's only right that we do something for you, too. We might not always seem like we tried, but I promise a lot of us really do. Oh, and we don't really sacrifice lambs.

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Pat is a young professional working in the film industry in Los Angeles. When he isn't on a Netflix binge or pigging out on LA's great food, you can find him at the beach playing volleyball...trying to not get sunburned.


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Watch This Video for a Better Way to Sculpt Your Butt

Fix your form for glutes of steel.

You know what would be awesome? If we could all work out with a personal trainer every single time we hit the gym. Yeah, not going to happen. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t always want to get the most out of your workout—burn-wise, confidence-wise, and safety-wise. In each of our Fix Your Form videos, certified strength and conditioning specialist Holly Perkins breaks down the right way to do one of your favorite exercises.

Now, get ready to learn how to do hip raises the right way!

Most used player for workouts, articles, and cover models

Holly Perkins is a certified strength and conditioning specialist who holds a degree in exercise physiology. She is on a mission to match the number of women to the number of men in weight rooms around the world. Holly created the Women’s Strength Nation movement to help women uncover their personal strength through the development of their physical strength.

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What Guys Really Think About Your Pubic Hair

A new study surveyed men on down-there 'dos.

We seriously doubt any guy would retreat if he came to find you had the “wrong” downstairs hairstyle, but a new study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that most men prefer hair-free lady parts.

For the study, researchers asked 1,110 college-aged men and women how they maintained their pubic hair, the reasons behind their styles, and how they preferred their sexual partners groom down below.

It turns out, the vast majority of both men and women keep things tidy down there: Ninety-five percent of the study participants had trimmed or removed at least some of their pubic hair in the past four weeks. Meanwhile, half of women and one in five men said they typically went hair-free. Both men and women were more likely to groom if they expected to receive oral sex soon.

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Of the bushy minority (the five percent who didn’t groom), the overwhelming majority was guys. Most of the men surveyed said that, in the past four weeks, they had either trimmed a bit or just let their hair go wild.

Funny—since 60 percent of the men surveyed preferred their partners to be hair-free. The remaining guys said they liked their partner to have some down-there hair, were up for several styles, or flat-out said it didn’t matter to them. (For the record, women were pretty much split four ways between preferring dudes hair-free, partially shaved/waxed, trimmed but without any actual hair removal, and not caring one way or another.)

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“These results suggest pubic hair removal patterns and preferences are related to gender norms and reflect how the beauty ideal can vary by gender,” says lead study author Scott M. Butler, Ph.D., M.P.H., assistant director of the School of Health and Human Performance at Georgia College.

Hence why, if you are going to de-hair your nether region, the best reason to do so is because it's your preference, says Butler, who notes that some women said they waxed because it made them feel clean and made sex more comfortable. And on the flip side, if you squirm at the thought of having an aesthetician between your legs or don't feel like breaking out a razor on the regular, that’s totally cool, too.

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A Healthy Food Blogger Shares Her Roller Coaster Struggle with Weight

Get inspired by Ali Maffucci's relatable journey.

Before: 189
After: 140

The Lifestyle
When I was in growing up, I was always fit and active. Then I went to college and gradually started to put on weight. My weight gain really reached its peak when I studied abroad in London and traveled all across Europe. While traveling, I didn't worry about what I ate at all—I just enjoyed the "dolce vita." At the end of the trip, which was the summer before my senior year of college, I weighed 189 pounds. That was 50 pounds more than I weighed my freshman year. 

After getting back to the States, a friend and I decided to take on veganism as a way to lose weight. Although the diet was very strict, it forced me to learn about nutrition and how to cook healthy foods in a creative way. Before then, I had never cooked a day in my life. By the time I graduated from college, I weighed 128 pounds, which was very skinny for my 5' 8" frame.

I found that veganism was a hard lifestyle to maintain out of college, so over time, I began adding animal products back into my diet. On top of that, I let happy hours and work obligations take precedence over eating right. I wasn't putting myself first, and my weight started going up again.

In 2013, I decided to switch career paths and become a full-time healthy food blogger for my website Inspiralized. The transition from working in a corporate environment to working out of my apartment was rough on my waistline. I was always cooking and eating for my food blog and wearing yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt all the time—those fit no matter what. In January 2014, I was on track to gain back everything I had lost. I weighed 169 pounds.

The Change
Right after the New Year, I went to take a photo of myself for my blog, but after I saw the picture, I thought, 'If I saw a healthy food blogger posting this picture, I wouldn't be inspired by her.' I decided I really needed to make a change to motivate the people who followed my blog. I was upset that, though I had quit my job to develop my blog and even had a cookbook in the works, I had let myself go in the process. I decided I was going to commit to a lifestyle change and start practicing what I preached. No matter how long it took, I wanted to make my weight loss permanent. 

When I first started, I was really strict about snacking and ate very few carbs. But then, I would find myself eating an entire bag of "healthy" snacks like pita chips or whole-wheat crackers. I realized I needed to eat more during the day so I wouldn’t give in to an entire bag of chips during a moment of weakness. So, I started replacing two meals a day with my veggie-based recipes from my blog and felt so much fuller. I also started incorporating protein shakes for breakfast and snacks like frozen grapes. 

My workouts got a makeover, too. I was always a fan of cardio-based exercise, especially running, because I thought it got the quickest weight-loss results. But when I started searching online for ways to get toned arms, I discovered that I needed to be strength training as well. As I started weight lifting, I began to see muscle definition and got so excited! I also loved the fact that weight training helped me burn more calories throughout the day—that was a huge bonus. 

One year later, in January 2015, I reached my goal weight of 140 pounds. Although it's not my lowest weight, I'm so proud of how far I've come with a sustainable diet. I feel like this is a weight I can maintain comfortably. 

The Reward
I was never into fashion. But when I started losing weight and my clothes didn't fit anymore, I did a lot more shopping and I liked the way I looked. Now, instead of just wearing yoga pants everywhere, I'm excited to get dressed up to go out.

Also, if I hadn't lost the weight, I don't think I would have the same creditability as a healthy lifestyle blogger. Today, I consider working out and eating right part of my job. I feel like I have a second shot at my dream.

Ali's Tips
Shop for cute workout gear. I never invested in workout clothes before I started trying to lose weight. But ever since I began wearing workout clothes that I looked cute in, I've been more pumped to go to the gym every day. 
Get fitspiration from Instagram. I follow a lot of people like @RobinNYC and the Tone it Up girls, @KarenaKatrina. If I'm not in the mood to work out, I'll get on Instagram and look at my favorite accounts for motivation.
Take exercise baby steps. Sometimes I tell myself that I'll go to the gym and do a short workout. But I almost always end up working out way longer. 
Don't let a bad day get you down. If I would go on a binge, I would feel horrible the next day and just keep eating badly. Now, after I have a moment of weakness, I think, 'Today is a whole new day and you get to start over.' That mantra has gotten me so far. It really helps me think of losing weight as a lifestyle change, not just a diet. 

Ali Maffucci, 27, is 5' 8" and works as a food blogger (at Inspiralized) and author of the cookbook InspiralizedShe lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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A New TV Show Will Send Couples into a Box to Have Sex

And you thought the thin walls in your apartment gave you performance anxiety.

The heavy makeout session you engaged in at that bar in Cabo is about to seem downright tasteful. WEtv is poised to do the seemingly impossible by pushing the limits of both modern sexuality and reality television when they launch Sex Box, a television show that features, well, couples having sex in a box.

Sex Box, which is based on a series in the U.K. by the same name, takes couples who are having trouble in their relationship and has them work things out by stepping into a box that is yes, soundproof, but also onstage, where they get intimate with each other and a television audience.

Immediately after doing the deed (which some men and no women are surprised to learn can take up to 40 minutes to do properly), the couple, in all of their post-coital glory, sits down with a panel of experts to get to the root of their sex and relationship issues.

Check out a crazy preview of the show here:

According to the show's description, the idea behind talking to couples immediately after they've done the horizontal tango is that their afterglow will make them "completely filterless and emotionally honest." If this steamy opportunity for some good old-fashioned voyeurism sounds like something you wouldn't be able to turn away from, you're not alone: A whopping 90,000 viewers reportedly helped themselves to this guilty pleasure when the show premiered in the U.K.

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