She's not a crazy cat lady, but she'll sure be crazy about these kitty-chic gifts.

​25 Purr-fect Gifts For Proud Cat Ladies

Unlike the dowdy spinsters of yore, today’s feline-loving ladies are chic and cool. That’s why when the time comes to pick out gifts for cat lovers you know and love, their presents have to be just as modern as they are. After all, your cat-lady friends are capable of much more than spending every night home alone with their fluffy friends (although, hey, what’s wrong with that?), and so they deserve a cute cat-lady gift to match their chic, kitty-loving vibe.

Although gifts for cat ladies can sometimes be weird and tacky, there’s a whole litter of super-cute stuff out there that anyone would love, whether or not they have a kitty by their side. Check out these adorable gifts for cat lovers—and no terrible 1980s cat-motif sweaters included, we promise.

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