Time to brush up on your knowledge of this super-common disease.

8 Facts You Never Knew About Herpes​

There are different types of herpes infections, and with that, different levels of severity with symptoms (including no symptoms at all, known as asymptomatic shedding), says Kelly-Jones. Oftentimes, if a person has never had herpes before, those symptoms look like those associated with a yeast infection or UTI: pain in the genital area, yellow discharge, and a burning sensation when urinating.

If your doctor doesn’t swab you to test for the herpes virus when you come in, then ask them to do so the second time around, if and when the symptoms don’t go away after being treated for the yeast infection or UTI.

However, those aren’t the only symptoms. Clusters of red, blistery bumps are dead giveaways of oral or genital herpes, and when you’re first infected, they usually show up within two to 10 days. The sores may burst and heal—but they usually come back.

Watch a hot doctor explain whether you have to treat yeast infections or not:

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