She's celebrating her changing body.

Hilaria Baldwin Just Posted An Underwear Selfie Showing Off Her 4th Pregnancy

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In another recent post to Instagram Stories, she was clad in workout gear and turned to the side to give a full view of her baby on the way. “Keeping active! Running to @physique57 …see you soon @chadlevy,” she captioned, according to People.

Your Breasts During Pregnancy:

Keeping her kids close in age is nothing new. Hilaria and hubs Alec have three children, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 13 months old; Rafael Thomas, two years; and Carmen Gabriela, four years.

She may be a glama-mama but Hilaria is refreshingly real on social media. (If you have kiddos, you must follow her now.) When responding to comments congratulating her on their new pregnancy, she also took a moment to address the rude people who are questioning their choices. “…I have read a few comments about why we like having so many children that made me laugh…some say it must be a religious thing—it’s not. Some say it’s because I want all of Alec’s money—babies are expensive, so I don’t see how that makes any sense…Here is why we like having babies: they are simply so lovely and bring so much joy.” She accompanies it with a cute video of her littlest walking with his big sister following close behind.

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And the cuteness doesn’t end there. Let’s not forget this photo of the fam on Halloween. Or her disaster of a group pic with her kids that happens to every mom. Or the nightly bath routine. She also shared their gender reveal cake on Insta…to announce it will be a boy!

Considering she talks a lot about how it’s her mission to raise good little humans, we’re thinking the more Baldwin kiddos the better.

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