Break out your tie-dye workout pants for this one.

‘The 15-Minute Workout That Helped Me Sweat It Out At Coachella’

If you’ve never been to Coachella before, there’s something you should know: Not only is this year’s festival in Indio, Calif., grounds for some of the best musical acts like Radiohead and Future, but it’s also home to a whole lot of fitspiration. I took a break from groovin’ to the music during the festival’s first weekend to get in a good (and hard!) workout with celebrity trainer, fitness, and nutrition specialist Harley Pasternak in one of the Buick Encore Backstage Classes. The best part? You can get in a solid sweat in under 15 minutes.

The Workout

Do all moves below in order for one minute each with 15 seconds of rest in between each move.

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