"Stress management is crucial in love and in real estate."

The 3 Relationship Red Flags That Only Your Realtor Might Notice

Realtor says: “I recommend couples make a very truthful must-have list so they each get to have a say in the house,” says Laura Schwartz, a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Virginia. “If something about a house doesn’t satisfy that list, don’t even go to see it, or a fight can ensue. For example, if the husband has to have a backyard and the wife an open concept kitchen, don’t look at houses with a sloped yard and galley kitchen.”

Expert says: “Having this kind of communication gives you clarity over your joint goals,” says Greer. “You want to reflect your mutual desires in big decisions, especially. Negotiate with one another to find out the more important things to each person, and prioritize what is really essential to you versus what you can give up. Knowing this, you can be informed and aware when making any decisions in your relationship.”

Find out what men and women consider to be dealbreakers in a relationship:

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