You have to see the pet futon.

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This New Line Of Pet Furniture From IKEA

Goodbye ugly dog beds and eyesore scratch posts messing with your otherwise stylish decor—IKEA has just launched a furniture collection meant for animals. If you’re freaking out about this news, you’re certainly not the only one: the Internet is flooded with excitement about the Swedish design giant’s new pet-centric (and ridiculously chic) products. After all, as IKEA accurately points out, cats and dogs aren’t just pets, they’re members of your family—and shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your home together?

The buzzworthy collection is called LURVIG (which is the Swedish word for shaggy, FYI), and it was designed with input from veterinarian Barbara Schäfer, who helped ensure each product would be safe for cats and dogs (or whatever furry buddy you’re keeping at home). “It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviors (like how they sleep, eat, or play) as a starting point,” IKEA designer Inma Bermudéz said in a press release. “Then we can design a product that fits in with our human needs, such as style and form.”

And these products will definitely fit in with your home aesthetic, whatever it may be—they’re simple, modern, and mostly unobtrusive. But your pets will love them. I mean, just look at these:

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