Prepare to meet your (wo)manmaker.

This Total-Body Strength Move Will Make You Feel Like a Total Badass

When it comes to getting fit, strength is obviously key. And while there’s plenty of workouts and exercise routines out there to help sculpt your whole body, we’ve got an amazing move that will take your strength to the next level.

It’s called the (wo)man maker, and it’ll give your muscles a serious workout, according to Melody Scharff, NASM certified personal trainer at Phitting Room in New York City. It’ll also burn calories like there’s no tomorrow. That’s because this move combines a few different moves—the pushup, which targets your chest and triceps; a row, which strengthens your back; a jump, which lights up your quads and glutes; and finally a curl to press, which works your shoulders. And of course, you’re working your core and cranking up your heart rate the entire time.

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